Messengers Of God

Baha’is believe that all the Messengers Of God brought a special message from God which told people of the time how God wanted them to live. Some of these Messengers lived a very long time ago. Here are the Messengers we know about:

Messengers Of God

Abraham: Abraham tought that there was one God. He was sent away from His country because of what He taught.

Moses: Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, and gave them laws for their new life. The most famous ones are called the Ten Commandments. His followers are known as Jews, and their history and teachings can be found in the Torah.

Krishna: In the holy books of Hindus, Kirshna teaches us that God appears to mankind in every age. He also taught that we should respect every living thing.

Zoroaster: Zoroaster lives in Persia, Where the king used Zoroaster’s teachings about good and evil to make his empire a better place to live. His followers are called Zoroastrians, and their holy book is called the Avesta.

Buddha: The Buddha, the Enlighted One , was an Indian prince who gave up all His possessions to teach people right living and right thinking. His followers are called Buddhists

Jesus: Jesus taught the message of love and forgiveness, but the leaders of the time did not like what He said and had Him crucified. Those who believe in Him are called Christians.

Muhammad: Muhammad told the people of Arabia about God, Jesus and about the laws of Moses. He gave them new laws and teachings for His time, and you can read about them in the book called the Qu’ran.

The Bab: The Bab lived in Persia, and He gave His followers new teachings and told them to prepare for the Promised One, a great teacher who would unite all the peoples of the world.

Baha’u’llah: Baha’u’llah brought new teachings for our time. He taught that we must live together in peace and unity.

  There have also been other Messengers in parts of the world that had no writing and they have not left us books.

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