Father of The Poor

Everyone was always welcome in the house of Baha’u’llah and His wife Navvab, and no one was ever turned away. The people called Navvab “Mother of Consolation” and Baha’u’llah was known as “Father of the Poor” , Sometimes people came to them bacause they were ill or had sore eyes. Navvab would give them ointment or other medicine to make them better.

Sometimes people came who were hungrey or poor, then Baha’u’llah would give them food and money to help them.

Sometimes they were worried or lonely or sad, and Baha’u’llah would love them as though they were members of His own family.

Once, when someone asked what work Baha’u’llah did, he was told that Baha’u’llah cheered the sad and fed the hungrey. And, when asked what important job or special title Baha’u’llah had, the person answered,” He has none, apart from befriending the poor and the stranger.”

One Response to Father of The Poor

  1. thelightway كتب:

    نعم لقد كان حضرة عبد البهاء ابو الفقراء لانه كان يعتني بهم و يرعاهم ويحن عليهم و يقوم بزيارتهم

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