The Delightful Garden

It was still dark when Baha’is gathered outside the Mansion of Bahji early one morning. They had been so excited that they had hardly slept all night for they were going to spend the day with Baha’u’llah at a picinc in the Junaynih Garden.

A ray of sunlight shone apon the the large, blue, wooden door. The friends waited and watched the door swung open and Baha’u’llah came, smiling, out of the mansion.

One of the Baha’is hurried forward with a fine white donkey for Baha’u’llah to ride. The donkey’s name was Thunder but really he was very quiet and gentle. He held his head high and carried Baha’u’llah across the gate, past the bushes were the birds were singing.

One of the friends walked beside Baha’u’llah holding a large umbrella to shade Him from the sun as He slowly rode along. Everyone else followed behind. They made their way beneath trees and through the fields until they came to the beautiful Junaynih Garden.

When they arrived Baha’u’llah started to chant prayers and the Love of God overflowed to fill the whole of the garden. It made the friends become free and happy.

Baha’u’llah was also very happy but He wished that Abdu’lBaha could be there to enjoy the picnic with them. But Abdu’lBaha had to meet with some town officials so that the friends could live in peace, protected and well looked after.

Later when they had eaten their lunch, Baha’u’llah looked across the distant fields and saw Abdu’lBaha walking towards the garden.

Abdu’lBaha humbly entered the presence of Baha’u’llah and Baha’u’llah loving welcomed him.

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