When Baha’u’llah was a child, He was not like other children. Although He did not go to school He knew things. He would explain to wise men the hardest parts of the holy writing. They were suprised at his clever and clear answers.

When Baha’u’llah was 5 years old, He had a dream, He dreamed that He was in a garden and there were huge birds flying over Him. From all sides they started to attack Him. These attacks did not hurt Him or frighten him. Then He found Himself swimming in the sea being attacked by fishes they too did not hurt or frighten Him.

Baha’u’llah’s father also had a dream, He dreamed that Baha’u’llah was swimming in the sea, rays of light came out of Him. The light attracted fishes of all size . Each fish held a strand of His hair . Where ever Baha’u’llah swam the fishes would follow.

When a wise man asked the meaning of this dream, He said that the sea was the world and the fishes were like the people. He said that the nations of the world would be attracted by the light of Baha’u’llah. Some would attack like the birds and fishes but non would stop Him doing what God had asked Him to do.



3 Responses to Dreams

  1. thelightway كتب:

    ممتاز و نتمنى ان نرى المزيد من الاعمال
    و هذا يدل على اننا يجب ان نفتخر بشبابنا

  2. ام مي كتب:

    God prptect you
    very good article

  3. smile rose كتب:

    ان قصص الانبياء شيقة و تعطينا فكرة كيف يربى الخالق الرسول الموعود على استقبال المحن و الشدائد بكمال التسليم و الرضا
    ارجوا ان ترسلوا الى كل اصدقائكم هذه المدونة الجميلة حتى يتشاركوا معكم الافكار

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