The Most Great Exchange


Miraza Mihdi though understood that his Father’s hands is the Manifestation of God  

Baha’u’llah asked His son,”Aqa, what do you wish?

He asked for a gift, an exchange. He said,” I wish the people of Baha to be able to attain your presence.

Once more Baha’u’llah had to put away his father’s grief. He had to put away His wish to keep His beautiful boy by His side. Once more, He had to let His son go. He also had to counsel Abdul-Baha, Who knelt beside Him. Tears streamed from His eyes. He begged Bahaullah to save His brother’s life. “O my Greatest Branch,” He said, “leave him in the hands of God.”

Bahaullah dismissed the others and remained alone with His dying son. He gave him His answer: “And so it shall be. God will grant your wish.” Later, He said to God: “Glorified art Thou, O Lord, My God! Thou seest … My son blood stained before Thy face … I have, O my Lord, offered up that which Thou hast given me, that Thy servants may be quickened and all that dwell on earth be united.”

Twenty-two hours after his fall, the spirit of the Purest Branch slipped out of his human temple. It was 23 June 1870.

“Mihdi! O Mihdi!” cried Bahaullah. He had granted the plea of His martyr-son to exchange his life for the opening of the gates. The travelers, the pilgrims, would surely come now. But His beloved boy was gone.

Later, the broken body of the Purest Branch was lovingly cleansed and prepared for burial. AbdulBaha stood guard, weeping as if His heart would break. He and His helpers laid His beloved brother to rest beyond the prison walls next to a small shrine. Even the fortress guards who escorted them were watchful and quiet.

Eventually AbdulBaha and His companions turned, grieving and weary from their awful task. It was then that the ground began to quiver and shake. They watched and waited. In a few minutes, the restless stir and rumble quieted. All was still again. They continued on their way.

Later, Bahaullah said of Mirza Mihdi: “When thou wast laid to rest in the earth, the earth itsef trembled in its longing to meet thee. … Thou art the trust of God and His treasure in this Land. Erelong will God reveal through thee that which He had desired.”

Surely, they also heard the story of the young man who made it possible for them to be there. Surely, they visited his resting place by the city gate. How could they fail to say prayers for the progress of his soul and thank him in their hearts for his great gift?

Today, pilgrims pay their respects at his beautiful monument on Mount Carmel. It was placed there by his kinsman, Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian, the great grandson of the Ancient Beauty, in loving tribute to one who freely gave his life to ensure the happiness of others.


2 Responses to The Most Great Exchange

  1. Smile Rose كتب:

    موضوع جميل و شكل حلو للمدونة ربنا يوفقكم

  2. Eman Fikri كتب:

    What a beautifu story. And such a beautiful site
    Keep on the good work

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